Our trip is just a month away

Lutz Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida is sending one 1st grader, three 4th graders, two 5th graders and one 7th graders to visit the students at SIS school in Da Nang.  Each student is being accompanied by a parent.  The trip starts May 14th at the Tampa airport for a three flights totaling 27 hour and 12 time zones.  We’ll be in Sai Gon for two days and fly to Da Nang where we will have a picnic with the SIS families.  That Monday May 19th our students will attend school at SIS.

We’ll be in school at SIS for four days.  A couple filed trips are planned.  We hope we have meals with the Vietnamese families.  It will be a special time with daily SKYPE phone calls back to Lutz Prep.

On Thursday May 23rd we drive to Hue for a 2 1/2 day visit. From there we fly to Ha Noi, take a train to SAPA and spend two days in the mountains with the ethnic tribes.  We take the train back to Ha Nois and spend the last few days on Hai Long Bay.  

Before we return home we will pay a visit to the American Embassy for a group photo opportunity.

This blog will follow our students.




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