A golf tournament was held in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 27.  A significant donation was presented to Think About the Children by Danny Jones.  We do not pick projects for our funds ourselves.  We seek to fund needs as determined by the local village leadership.  As this is posted the local village leadership is looking into the creation of an Eucalyptus Farm near Hamburger Hill.  When our school was built we were given some land and that is the target for the trees.  Research shows Eucalyptus to be one of the most profitable investments in agriculture, although the return is delayed by the length of time necessary for a tree to bring the first profit.

We have been solicited to build a Hamburger Hill memorial site for Vietnamese and Americans killed there.  Visitors, many returning American 101st Airborne soldiers, will be offered guided tours of the area.  Since Agent Orange has not been used in VN for 40 years the areas are overgrown with foliage and it can often be difficult to find what a former soldier remembers.  This is also true of Khe Sanh just to the north up the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  So far we have not committed to any long term daily responsibilities like the memorial.

A major golf tournament will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 17.  Danny Jones is the Tournament Director of both of these events.

More details will follow.


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