One of the basic staples of our work in A Luoi are three micro-loan programs. The loan administration is turned over to the local village chief.  We supply the funds to get every loan started.  Repayment of the loans expands the program.

The first program is our pig farming.

Our piggies in their pe

We provide 15 pigs to the village, one male and 14 female.  The village raises them as a team.  The pigs are pregnant for 3 months and have a litter of 8 to 12 piggies.  These pigs can sell for $37.50 immediately or as much as $200 to $300 based on weight as mature pigs.  Having 14 pigs supply approximately 140 piggies is as much income as the entire village produces in an entire year.

Our second micro-loan program is turning bomb craters from the war into fish farms.  The bomb craters are expanded and field with water and cat fish.  Within three months tiny catfish are big enough to sell in the market.  The total profit is in the range of $300 for every three months.

A Luoi fish farm bomb crater

The third micro-loan program is support of a sewing cooperative.  Montagnard cloth is a valuable commodity that is desired throughout South east Asia and the world.  The ladies in A Luoi can sell far more than they can produce.  Think About the Children offered to repair or replace their sewing looms to improve their efficiency.  These ladies are working by hand.

Sewing Loom

Ladies sewing by hand

Think About the Children under the guidance of Mike Youngblood got these loans started and turned administration over to the local village chief.  The agreement is that our school will be operated without cost to the children’s families forever.

These micro-loans are part of what Mike Youngblood and Tom Murray call our “Adopt a Village” program.  Building a school is not enough if the students cannot attend because the village needs tuition to pay meager expenses.  Our micro-loans help families earn money and a portion of all micro-loan profits go to the school to guarantee that the school will never have any costs to the families.  So far the micro-loans are doing the job of providing a free education and feeding the village.


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