Our School

The Alberta Ruth Murray Early childhood education center was opened in November 2008.  The school in A Luoi, Viet Nam serves Montagnard families.  These families live on approximately $5.00 a month.  The children have never tasted milk.  They live in huts with no running water and no electrical power.  The families survive on small gardens and rice fields.  The below picture is one of the student’s homes.

Our school is the first school for these children.  Most of their family members have no formal education and do not read and write.  We have provided three separate micro-loans to support the village with the promise this school will always serve these families without any tuition.

The male in the picture is Mike Youngblood.  He was in the village to do our micro-loan work.  He’s about 5′ 8″.  You can see how small the adults and children are due to a lack of proper nutrition.  The main teacher is the short lady on the right.  The ladies in blue are teacher aids for our 50 children in our one-room school house.

Our teachers in A Luoi


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